Functions and Duties of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency

Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Vinh Phuc) is the standing body of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Steering Board, which is under direct and comprehensive guidance of Chairman of Vinh Phuc People’s Committee – Head of Steering Board and under administrative management of Office of Provincial People’s Committee.

IPA Vinh Phuc serves as a counselor and an assistant for Steering Committee to perform activities to promote and attract domestically and internationally direct investment into the province. The Agency also serves as a middleman in contacting, guiding, receiving and sending dossiers to authorized bodies to solve certain administrative formalities under the “one-top” mechanism. Moreover, it performs activities to provide investment support services during the period of project implementation.

IPA Vinh Phuc is a public service body with earnings, which has its own legal status and seal and is permitted to open an account as prescribed by law.

IPA’s headquarter is located in Office of Vinh Phuc People’s Committee. The address is No.38-40 Nguyen Trai Street, Dong Da Ward, Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province.

Duties and powers:

1. To promote and enhance investment environment:

a, Preside, help Steering Committee and Provincial People’s Committee to plan and implement short-, medium- and long-term programs on investment promotion.

b, Coordinate and help Steering Committee, Provincial People’s Committee to develop and issue mechanism and policies to attract investment. Participate in the formulation of legal documents in the field of investment promotion.

c, Help Steering Committee build a database, mechanism, policies, laws on investment promotion and on enterprise support associated with the dialogue system: Enterprises and Vinh Phuc government.

d, Coordinate with relevant agencies, units to research, propose solutions to improve the investment environment and enhance provincial competitive index (PCI).

2. To receive and solve administrative formalities about investment:

a, Preside, coordinate with relevant agencies to assist Steering Committee, Provincial People’s Committee to issue and organize the implementation of  Statute on coordination in solving administrative formalities under the “one-top” service.

b, Be the centre to receive project documents, to send them to the authorized agencies in solving administrative formalities and to return results back investors according to the following process:

– Administrative formalities for FDI, DDI projects:

+ Survey the investment location, provide information about construction planning.

+ Introduce locations of construction investment.

+ Grant Investment Certificate or Investment License (including Busines License, Seal Engraving, Tax code Registration).

+ Appraisal: Report on Assessment of environmental impact; Registration on Commitments on Environmental protection and Fire regulations.

+ Land procedures: Land acquisition, land allocation, lease and transfer of land use purpose; Granting certificate of land use right, ownership right of houses and other assests associated with land.

+ Grant construction license.

– Administrative formalities for projects of construction investment funded by state budget:

+ Appraise projects of construction investment.

+ Additionally appraise the extension of construction time.

+ Additionally appraise projects of construction investment.

+ Verify the settlement of the completed projects funded by state budget.

– Administrative formalities for investment projects funded by offical development assistance (ODA).

– Other relevant administrative formalities assigned by Provincial People’s Committee.

c, Preside, coordinate to instruct, support and solve other relevant administrative formalities, which helps investors during the operation process of investment projects.

3. To provide services of consulting, supporting and other services for investors and enterprises:

a, Help Steering Committee, Provincial People’s Committee to issue and organize the implementation of Statute on coordination in dialogue, receiving and dealing with feedback of investors, enterprises.

b, Set up the dialogue system between investors, enterprises and Vinh Phuc government’s authorities; be the centre to receive, synthesize ideas, feedback of investors, enterprises, suggest Steering Committee, Provincial People’s Committee and relevant agencies solving, removing difficulties and resolving issues relating to investment procedures for investors in the pre- and after-operation stages of projects.

c, Provide consulting services; set up a file of prior projects calling for investment assigned by the provincial authorities.

d, Co-organize the popularization of mechanism, policies, laws on investment; open training courses to improve professional abilities and software skills for enterprises with investment, business activities in the province in accordance with Vietnamese laws.

4. Other duties and powers:

a, Help Steering Committee and Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee – Head of Steering Committee to perform tasks including monitoring, supervising the implementation of investment promotion tasks.

b, Attend periodical and extraordinary meetings summoned by Provincial People’s Committee; meetings summoned by Leaders of Provincial People’s Committee and provincial department to discuss issues of investment promotion.

c, The Agency presides, coordinates with Department of Home Affairs and relevant agencies to develop IPA’s Working Statute which is reported to Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee to consider to issue a decision.

d, Manage the personel, cadres, finance and assets of the Agency as prescribed by law.

đ, Perform other tasks assigned by Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee.