Research, Investment Promotion and Enterprise Support Center


– Vinh Phuc Research, Promotion Investment and Enterprise Support Center is a public non-business unit with income under the Department of Planning and Investment of Vinh Phuc Province.

– The Center has the function of advising and assisting the Director of the Department of Planning and Investment in carrying out the tasks, including studying mechanisms and policies on socio-economic development, promoting investment and supporting investment and enterprise development, providing public services in accordance with the law.

Researching policies mechanisms for economic development 

– Advising the Director of the Department of Planning and Investment to propose the provincial People’s Committee to issue the policies and measures to support and develop enterprises; Collecting, exploiting and saving evaluation research information and socio-economic analysis inside and outside the province.

Provide consulting services

– Consulting on setting up business registration for domestic and foreign enterprises (New establishment, adjustment).

– Investment consultancy (Project planning, construction drawing design, inspection, supervision, project management )

– Bidding consultancy (Preparation, evaluation, appraisal of documents and contractor selection results)

– Linkage to open the training classes on starting, managing and operating businesses

– Providing or introducing services for domestic and foreign enterprises: conference hall, working offices, secretarial services, interpreters and professional experts, visiting and meeting businesses; studying the investment environment.

– Other consulting activities under its jurisdiction.

The investment promotion and support domestic and foreign enterprises

– To be in charge of the investment promotion activities, proposing solutions to improve the investment environment and the provincial competitiveness index (PCI).

– Summarizing and setting up the common database on the potentials investment opportunities; An important information channel to promote the image and investment environment of the province.

– Collaborating with the domestic and abroad media and press agencies to propagate, advertise and introduce the environment, policies, potentials investment opportunities; establishing relationships with domestic and international organizations to seek resources (finance, technology, human resources) to support investment activities.

– Receiving and synthesizing the recommendations and proposals of enterprises to guide or transfer them to competent state agencies in accordance with the law.

Contact information

Research, Investment promotion and Enterprise support Center

Address: No 40, Nguyen Trai street – Dong Da ward – Vinh Yen city – Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam

Tel: (+84) 211 6 256 616;

Fax: (+84) 211 6 256 616;

Hotline: (+84 ) 211 1022;



Director: Ms. Tran Huyen Trang


Deputy Director, Policy Research Division: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh


Investment promotion Division: Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam


Enterprise support Division: Mr. Bui Khanh