– Consulting, documenting new establishment registration, converting, changing types of businesses (Private company/enterprise, Single shareholder limited company, two or more shareholder limited companies, Joint stock companies);

– Consulting on establishing document for new co-operative;

– Consulting on documenting proposal report of direct investment projects guideline, adjustment, supplement and documenting investment guideline  in accordance with provision of law;

– Consulting in the field of investment and construction according to provision of law, including:

+ Consulting on documenting proposal report of investment guideline; pre-feasibility study report, feasibility study report of investment projects;

+ Consultancy on procurement activities to select investors and contractors;

+ Consulting on project survey, design, construction drawings and cost estimate;

+ Consulting on design – cost estimate verification;

+ Consulting on project management cost;

+ Consulting on investment project management;

+ Consulting on construction supervision;

– Consulting on socio-economic development research, and enterprise development support in accordance with provisions of law;

– Consulting on investment promotion activities in accordance with provisions of law.

Looking forward to hearing from cooperation of organizations and individuals!